Spring 2019: What Will a Hotter Future Mean for Water?

Special Climate Issue

Colorado’s climate forecast is more than that—climate projections are also water projections. Warming will likely impact water with retimed flows, reduced runoff, more extreme precipitation and drought events, and water quality impacts. Coloradans are adapting to prepare for worst-case scenarios, while also stepping up to stave off the worrisome extremes associated with a high-emissions future. View or download a flipbook of the magazine here or read articles below.

Finding Water in a Warming World

March 4, 2019 by Nelson Harvey

Coloradans are adapting to and working to mitigate climate change as it manifests itself in the state’s waters, impacting all sectors.

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Hot & Dusty
March 4, 2019 by Allen Best
For growers looking toward hotter, possibly drier times, healthy soils could be key to crop success.
Agreements, Accords and Summits
by Gloria Dickie
International leaders and scientists collaborate on climate reports and agreements. Can local efforts pick up the slack where U.S. emissions-reduction commitments are lacking?
Home on the Range
by Gloria Dickie
Cattle aren't immune to climate impacts. To protect herds and livelihoods, ranchers ready for a warmer future.

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