Summer 2022: How Are Colorado Farms And Ranches Managing Water For Tomorrow?

The Sustainable Ag Water Practices Issue

Colorado’s farmers and ranchers are acutely attuned to the stresses on water availability and quality—that’s why they have been adapting and measuring the impact of on-the-ground practices that boost efficiency, leave water cleaner than before, and stretch their inputs so they can grow and raise more with less water. View a flipbook of the issue or read articles below.

Farms of the Future

July 20, 2022 by Allen Best

Colorado’s agricultural producers make efficient use of water resources on the ground and in the greenhouse as they look ahead toward a future with less water. 

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Cultivating Cleaner Water
July 20, 2022 by Kelly Bastone
Farmers and ranchers are adopting irrigation strategies that leave surface and groundwater cleaner. That's benefiting the environment — and farmers' bottom line.
How Do We Sustain Agriculture?
by Alejandra Wilcox
The state's rural communities and producers face an onslaught of challenges that range from water shortage to economics to healthcare. Sustaining Colorado's agricultural economy means facing them, head-on.
New Legislation Brings Water Wins
by Larry Morandi
With the Colorado General Assembly's 2022 session concluded in May, new water laws include funding for turf replacement, wildfire mitigation, groundwater sustainability and Colorado's Water Plan.
P-Free Lawns to Combat Algae Blooms
July 21, 2022 by Jerd Smith
Drought, rising temperatures and the use of phosphorous-laced lawn fertilizer is making the blooms more common and dangerous in Colorado.

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