Winter 2011: Ecosystem Services

The Ecosystem Issue

Planet earth gives us more than a place to hang our hats. From forests that regulate the water cycle and the climate, to wetlands that cycle nutrients and act as natural filtration systems, the complex interactions that occur within living ecosystems provide essential services that directly support not only our very existence, but our quality of life and our livelihoods as well. Us Earthlings are utterly dependent on the continued persistence of Earth’s diverse ecosystems, in all their amazing complexity.

In this issue of Headwaters, Water Education Colorado looks at the power of valuing “ecosystem services” from wetland mitigation banks to ranchers-as-conservationists as innovative tools to protect the functions of natural systems for the good of mankind, as well as Colorado. Read selected articles below, or view the online version here.

The Power of Ecosystem Services

January 5, 2011 by Jayla Poppleton

Why conservationists are translating “environmental integrity” to read “human quality of life.”

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It’s Not Too Late
January 5, 2011 by Rachel Walker
To recognize and embrace nature’s inherent value.