Briefly: Fort Collins, Larimer County reach major landfill cleanup deal

The Coloradoan reports that Fort Collins, Larimer County, and Loveland have reached an agreement on who will pay millions of dollars for environmental cleanup at the Larimer County landfill, where contaminants have been leaching into surrounding groundwater and surface water for decades. Larimer County has been leading efforts to address the pollution and recently submitted a draft assessment of corrective measures plan to the state in late December. The county and cities made the intergovernmental agreement for payment public in December, following a year and a half of discussion.

The agreement directs the county to pay the first $3 million of remediation costs as well as all closure and post-closure expenses. Remediation costs beyond $3 million will be split 60%/30%/10% among the county, Fort Collins, and Loveland. Remediation costs will cover the work needed to reverse or stop the environmental damage from the water pollution; closure and post-closure costs are related to covering the landfill, restoring landscaping in the area; and managing and monitoring the site after the landfill closes.

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