A Day Without Water VIDEO CONTEST

We all know, or are learning, that water touches literally every aspect of our daily lives. If you lose the water you also lose everything…and what would that look like?

Day without water contestThis is the pivotal question that the Day Without Water video contest is asking.  What do you envision your personal world or perhaps the world as a whole to look like if water disappeared? Of course these images could range from post-apocalyptic dust bowl scenes to hilarious events soaked in satire and social critique…you are the artist, you decide.

Check out the Day Without Water VIMEO site to view the current videos and to add your own.

Motivate yourself, motivate your friends, motivate the dog if you have to! The growing cache of prizes are only available to those who participate.

We look forward to seeing a what a Day Without Water looks like through your eyes.

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