Summer 2019: No Decision Without Compromise

The Permitting Issue

Reservoirs, pipelines and other water supply projects work through the permitting gauntlet seeking approval to build in order to meet the water needs of Colorado’s growing population. Permitting protects the environment and communities and has led to positive mitigation, but the process can last decades and add tens of millions to a project’s price tag. Now Colorado and the feds are looking to make permitting more efficient. View or download a flipbook of the magazine here or read articles below.

The Evolving Process of Permitting

July 3, 2019 by Dan England

The 1990s veto of a massive reservoir shifted views on water supply planning and permitting. Projects in the works now rely increasingly on public input and negotiation. But will these projects get the green light?

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Getting Lean
July 16, 2019 by Julia Rentsch
Concerted efforts are underway at the federal and state levels to make the water supply permitting process more efficient. Where are these changes coming from, what do they look like, and do they go far enough in expediting projects—or too far?

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