Summer 2011: Colorado River Basin

The Mighty Colorado

As the Colorado River flows through its seven-state, canyon carving traverse, it is tapped and retapped– supporting acres of irrigated agriculture and desert communities. In Colorado we depend on this lifeline to the West and take pride in our namesake river. In this issue of Headwaters, Water Education Colorado focuses on the Colorado River’s mainstem and the river’s many uses. Communities as distinct as Colorado’s peach capital of Palisade, its high mountain ski country and its population center along the northern Front Range all share Colorado River flows. Read featured articles below or view the online version here.

The Coveted Colorado

July 2, 2011 by Jerd Smith 

In the Rocky Mountain state, where most water is already claimed, the Colorado River carries the last reserves of the life-giving liquid. But how much can safely be developed and at what cost?

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Keeping it Clean
by Jerd Smith
Protecting and enhancing water quality on the Colorado.
The Larger Basin
by Jerd Smith
Bound for the delta, through seven states and Mexico.
Joy Ride
by Joshua Zaffos
Beauty sets the stage for an economy based on outdoor play, water fuels the fun.
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