Winter 2014: Education Engagement

Educate and Engage

Water educators are on a mission for people to know more about water, and to know enough to care and act. Engagers aren’t so different. Check out this issue of Headwaters to learn more about water education and engagement in Colorado and take a look at our toolkit that explores the major challenges that educators say they face, plus inspiring ideas for overcoming them. Whether you’re targeting youth or adults, focused on advancing water conservation or facilitating public dialogue on contentious water issues, or working in another field entirely, we offer something for everyone. Flip through or download the education and engagement issue online.


To People Across Colorado, Making Water Known

January 2, 2014 by Gail Binkly

For the vast majority of Coloradans, water is as close as the nearest faucet. Clean, cheap and seemingly abundant, it flows at the turn of a knob. How, then, to persuade people that the substance is actually scarce and precious—needed not only for drinking and landscaping, but for sanitation, agriculture, natural resource extraction, manufacturing and, of course, for keeping rivers flowing?

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