Spring 2021: Storage

The Storage Issue

Colorado’s water storage has played a cornerstone role in sustaining livelihoods and development for more than a century. Spurred by a goal set in the Colorado Water Plan to develop 400,000 acre-feet of additional water storage by 2050, Coloradans still rely on dams of the past but are looking toward the next era of reservoirs: one where projects are collaborative to meet diverse needs, environmental protection receives careful consideration, and where water managers are agile in responding to changing conditions. View a flipbook of the magazine or read articles below.

The Way We Bank: Thinking Beyond the Dam

May 24, 2021 by Jason Plautz

Faced with an uncertain climate future, limited water rights, and social and environmental pressures, water managers are reexamining what good water storage projects look like and exploring everything from networks of smaller, shared reservoirs, to aquifer storage, to natural storage solutions, and more. 

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Shaped By Storage: The How and Why of Storing Water in Colorado
May 25, 2021 by Caitlin Coleman
The many flavors of water storage are embedded in the way Coloradans live. On the cusp of a new storage era, plans for additional reservoir volume are in the works, but new projects — even smart projects — don’t come without environmental tradeoffs.
Regenerative Agriculture Gets a Boost
May 25, 2021 by Sarah Kuta
A $5 million deal between Colorado and the USDA will add staff statewide to help farmers and ranchers improve soil health, capture carbon, add drought resilience, and more.
Hacks and Cyber Attacks Threaten Water Security
by Alejandra Wilcox
Ransomware, hackers, and other cybersecurity breaches threaten water utilities, the water they provide, and the data they house. The pandemic has exacerbated the challenge.

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